Aromatherapy and Life Coaching: What’s In It For You?

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I realize when you visit my website (, the combination of aromatherapy and life coaching seems rather odd. But there is a method to my madness and I’d like to share my passion and just what’s in it for you.

In searching for a way to feed my creative soul and be useful to the world, aromatherapy and holistic life coaching came into my life. When something starts pounding on your soul, you don’t find it, it finds you. Is that something you believe? 

I knew I was meant for aromatherapy while researching why my thyroid and adrenal system were totally messed up. There had to be something going on that I wasn’t aware of (besides stress). 

Enter chemicals.

Toxic Chemicals, Your Body Chemistry and Metabolism

Sometimes, I don’t believe I’ve experienced serendipity, and yet in this instance, I believe that’s exactly what it was. I could have spent years chasing information from doctors that weren’t properly educated on the adrenal and endocrine system, but I got lucky. Well, no it wasn’t really luck. It was serendipity.

One Friday night, I was talking to a friend about how lousy and emotional I was feeling; the exhaustion and hot tears were always just under the surface. Yes, I feel things more deeply than most people and I absolutely refuse to apologize for that. What I hated was constantly feeling burned out and completely out of control. Throw in peri-menopause and you have critical mass.

The information my friend gave me was life-changing. She said she had experienced the same exact thing and went on a “wild goose chase” looking for answers from doctors, books, organizations – anything she could get her hands on.

The more I read the more frustrated I became. I will write a full article about your adrenal system in the next few weeks, but suffice it to say that my eyes were opened to adrenal burnout, thyroid and metabolism problems and the role that chemicals play in all of this. Your metabolism may not be perking along at optimum levels because of all the chemicals.

Women are far more susceptible to damage from chemicals found in our everyday products mainly because we use more of them than men do. Many of us wear foundation, eye shadow and blush; we use soaps and body washes, shampoo, conditioner, body lotions, creams and – the absolute worst – perfume.

Roddy Scheer wrote an  interesting article for Scientific American about all the toxic chemicals in perfume and how a loophole in the 1973 law allows companies to withhold the most toxic ingredients:

“The average fragrance product tested contained 14 secret chemicals not listed on the label,” reports EWG, which analyzed the Campaign’s data. “Among them are chemicals associated with hormone disruption and allergic reactions, and many substances that have not been assessed for safety in personal care products.”

Johnson and Johnson was the first major company to be transparent about all the toxic chemicals they use in their products. Amy Westerveldt wrote an article for The Guardian about this very issue:

“When we [at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics] tested products back in 2010, we found a number of allergens and hormone-disrupting chemicals in fragrance,” she said. “Many of those chemicals are still being used, but as more information is readily available, consumers will take a closer look and NGOs will push for improvements.”

The biggest complaint I hear from someone about using essential oils is that they are sensitive to smells. Actually, you are sensitive to chemicals. Pure essential oils are plant-based and your body knows the difference between man-made chemicals and plant-based chemicals. Before you freak about about the word chemicals, remember everything is made up of chemicals. The world runs on chemicals. While everyone’s body chemistry is different, it’s usually the synthetic (man-made) chemicals (toxins) that are causing all the problems.

Hello – my calling found me! Aromatherapy allows me to research and create products that are good for you, help you look good and feel better. You know what? I found out that I’m really gifted at aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy allows me to be creative, help you cut down on chemicals and make a difference in your life.

Scented Balance products are all plant-based which means there are no synthetic chemicals, no parabens, sodium laureth sulfates or phthalates. Because they plant-based, they are vegan-friendly.

How does that help you? The body butters (and a new lotion line coming out this spring) is healthy for your skin and your body. The aromatherapy roller ball products help you with headaches, migraines, indigestion, menopause, chronic pain and lots of other everyday concerns. The custom blends are made specifically for your unique needs and are healthy and safe for you to use.

I have painstakingly researched and created each product and you won’t find anything else like them on the market.

Wait – How Does Life Coaching Fit In?

Okay – so how does holistic life coaching fit in with aromatherapy? Again, here is a bit of serendipity. When you choose to use my services and products, I want you to get as much good as possible for your time and money.

One day, a free webinar popped up on my radar to learn how to quickly get to the heart of a client’s concern during an aromatherapy consultation. The faster I get to the real heart of your concern, the quicker I can help you feel better.

Who hosted this free webinar? A life coach. Yep. A life coach. Think there’s some serendipity there?

You’re asking what do life coaches do? I ask questions when you’re stuck in a particular area of your life. Those questions help you gain clarity when you can’t seem to fix the issue or the same issue keeps appearing in your life.

A lot of issues weave together in aromatherapy and life coaching. Whether you want to believe it or not, every single physical malady begins in the six inches between your ears. For instance, you come to me about your migraines (and yes, Headache Ease really helps) and I will ask you about anger or maybe resistance to change.

Yes, I know you’re rolling your eyes and you think I’ve lost my mind.

Whether or not you believe your body, mind and spirit are connected, they are. And when one area of your life is out of balance and goes unchecked, it will show up in another form. Listen, I completely understand that stress, gluten, dairy, sugar and a million other things trigger your physical issues. And it’s absolutely true.

But I also know that your inner dialogue plays a huge part, too.

Aromatherapy and Life Coaching: What’s In It For You?

How do I bring these seemingly unrelated professions together? Both aromatherapy and holistic life coaching found me and are my calling. When you come to me for an amazing product to help you look and feel better, I want you to know just how much thought and care has gone into it. I want you to know I don’t take your trust and your concerns lightly.

I spent too many years feeling stuck and miserable and absolutely no one would listen to me. In the process of earning my certification for both aromatherapy and holistic life coaching, I learned to ask questions that make you think. Maybe you don’t link your eczema to a lack of self love or maybe you’ve been hurt so badly that you don’t want to open yourself up to anyone else.

Each person is unique and everyone brings their own world view into play. If you simply want the aromatherapy product to ease your suffering, so be it. No problem. I want you to be heard, listened to and find a safe, effective way to feel better.

The bottom line? With Scented Balance, you have an honest and viable resource for a complementary method of getting and staying healthy. Simple, easy and effective. 

That’s why I am a gifted aromatherapist and holistic life coach. Now you know the rest of the story.

How can I help you today? What physical concerns are sapping your joy? Where in your life do you feel stuck? I have a gift to offer so take a moment, fill out a very short contact form and begin feeling better today.