Citrus Sunshine Room Mist

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Citrus Sunshine Room Mist

8 oz. Recyclable Bottle with Fine Mist Sprayer



Citrus Sunshine Room Mist

The scent of citrus is universally known to be uplifting and bright. Can’t find your happy? Lift your spirits with the original “joy juice” Citrus Sunshine Room Mist!

A top seller and always a favorite,  this delightful citrus room spray energizes you with the clean, refreshing scent of juicy oranges combined with the slightest hint of apples, melons, lemons and pears.

Each time you smell Citrus Sunshine Room Mist, it just makes you feel happier. Really!

Aromatherapy makes an amazing difference for your mood and frame of mind. When used as a room and linen mist, you’ll enhance your mood. This particular scent is especially appropriate in a office/work environment. Leaves a bright and uplifting scent wherever you spray it.

It’s awesome to spray in the conference room before you begin a meeting – it will certainly make everyone sit up and take notice! It helps get rid of that stale odor found in many office buildings.

It’s also good to use in the kitchen, especially when you had shrimp last night and forgot to take out the trash! Ewww…

Citrus Sunshine Room Mist is suitable for use as a room and linen spray. I handcraft it in small batches with all natural ingredients and use therapeutic-grade essential oils and top notch fragrance oils. The citrus fragrance is light enough to use every day without overpowering your senses.

Citrus Sunshine Room Mist makes a thoughtful gift for that special someone, your girlfriends, bridesmaids, co-workers, teachers – anytime you want to say thank you or to simply remember a special moment in time. It makes a unique hostess gift that keeps on giving.

Ingredients: FDA-approved Alcohol, Distilled Water, Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils of Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Orange, All-Natural Fragrance Oils of Apple, Melon and Pear. For external use only.


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